Two bills tabled in Senate for transgender rights

ISLAMABAD: After rejection of an earlier bill presented by Senator Babar Awan as a private members’ bill, two more bills seeking protection of the rights of transgender have been tabled in the Senate. The bills titled, ‘The Transgender and Intersex persons (Promotion and Protection of Rights) Bill, 2017 and ‘The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) […]

Is Pakistan a gay man’s paradise?

“Homosexuality is very common in Pakistan,” Sinaan tells me as the Muslim call to prayer rings out along the streets of Islamabad. “But homosexuality is mostly done by straight guys.” A professor, Sinaan asked Daily Xtra to change his name to protect his safety and job security. Pakistan is a world of contrasts: a land of fundamentalist […]

اکوڑہ خٹک، ہم جنس پرست دو خواتین کی خودکشی

پاکستان کے صوبے خیبر پختونخوا کے ضلع نوشہرہ کے شہر اکوڑہ خٹک میں دو ہم جنس پرست لڑکیوں نے ’محبت میں ناکامی‘ کے باعث خود کشی کر لی۔ طالبان باغیوں اور قدامت پسند اقدار کی وجہ سے مشہور پاکستانی صوبے خیبرپختونخوا میں اگرچہ مردوں کے مابین ہم جنس پرستی کے میلانات اور رحجانات معاشرتی سطح […]

نوشہرہ کینٹ : پہلا ہم جنس پرستی کا کیس منظرعام بر آگیا

دو خوبرو دوشیزائووں کی اجتماعی خودکشی ، دونوں جوان سال لڑکیاں مسماة نزاکت بی بی اور مسماة شائلہ عمر عمرجنس پرست رشتہ سے کئی سالوں سے منسلک تھی نوشہرہ کینٹ (اُردو پوائنٹ اخبارتازہ ترین۔ 03 جولائی2017ء)نوشہرہ کے علاقے نندرک تھانہ مصری بانڈہ میں پہلا ہم جنس پرستی کا کیس منظرعام پر آیا۔دو خوبرو دوشیزائووں کی […]

First passport issued with gender-neutral ‘X’ option

PESHAWAR: In a historic first, Farzana Jan on Friday became the first citizen of Pakistan to carry a passport that allows its bearer to select a gender other than male or female. The acknowledgement of members of the transgender community follows years of activism that forced the country’s legal system to recognise gender on the […]

Pakistan’s First Trans Model Did An Absolutely Stunning Fashion Photoshoot

LGBT activist Kami Sid is breaking barriers and celebrating trans beauty one fierce pose at a time. Meet Kami Sid, one of Pakistan’s most vocal trans rights activists and the country’s first trans model. Kami has spoken at several events, been interviewed many times, and was featured in the BBC documentary How Gay Is Pakistan? Karachi-based stylist […]

Terrorists in Pakistan targeting LGBT community

Well over a year before the shooting in the Orlando gay nightclub, a police official in Karachi told me that Islamic State-inspired youths wanted to kill Pakistani gays. Raja Umar Khattab has interrogated hundreds of militants from different groups, including al-Qaida, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Jundullah and the Taliban. He says gays had never been on the hit […]

Being queer was not always a crime in Pakistan

This Friday saw an extraordinary development in the UN, when the top human rights council called for nations to protect the rights of individuals regardless of sexual orientation, adding that “tradition was no excuse for the violence and discrimination”, while formerly procedural moves were used by many countries to strip any such resolution of significance […]