10 Facts About Pakistani Gay and LGBT Community

Have you ever wonder that whether we have gay community in Pakistan or not? Does gay or people of LGBT community exist in Pakistan or not? Well, you have to accept that the majority of Pakistani people even don’t know that what is gay or the meaning of homosexuality because usually in Pakistan, transgender are being considered gay. According to Pakistan’s law, it is not allowed to publically announce and promote homosexuality. That’s why we have not seen any LGBT community activities in Pakistan.

Even with the strict laws against gay people in Pakistan, but still there is an active Pakistani gay community does not only exist but they are also involved in many activities about them most of people are not even aware.

Recently BBC has played a documentary called “How Gay Is Pakistan” which goes viral on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. We have seen many positive and negative comments about this documentary because this documentary has featured the gay activities in Pakistan. Unfortunately, this documentary of about Pakistani gays is not available and you can’t watch it without having UK IP address.

This documentary about Pakistani gays has revealed so many truth about homosexuality which as an ordinary Pakistani I don’t aware and i would like to share with you along with some other facts about gays in Pakistan.

1. Gay party in Karachi Pakistan

The documentary starts from a gay party happening in a local cafe of Karachi with full of gays and transgenders. The host asked questions from the random people whether their parents know about their sexuality or not and all of them replied that their parents are not aware about their sexuality, due to society and family pressure they will not even go out as gay in future.

2. Transgender are not gay, they are transgender

The documentary featured transgender as gay while it is a different gender and should not be mixed with homosexual. In Pakistan, gays are considered transgender so this could be the reason to highlight the problems of transgender in Pakistan in a Pakistani gay related documentary.

3. Homosexuality can be cure with medicine

If you are gay and want to be straight then there is a guy in Pakistan who can treat your sexuality. Yes, the documentary has shown this guy who has also given medicine to the host to cure his sexuality and become straight man. I don’t to whether its possible or not with the help of medicine but its looks so funny to see all these specially when it was coming for the person who is famous on TV channel as scholar.

4. Naz Male health Alliance, Pakistan

There is an organization in Pakistan called NAZ male health alliance which is working on male health. Their main target market is transgender and MSM (male sex with male) community. They provide them free condoms, spread awareness about STD, HIV and AIDS while they also offer all of these medical tests for free. This organization is working under Pakistan health ministry and registered.

5. Gay sex orgy in Pakistan

This could be a bit shocking for more of us and i have not thought about this either but the documentary about Pakistani gays has shown a place in Lahore where gay sex happened in groups and more likely an organized orgy. There is an unknown place in Lahore where poor labor who came to Lahore for work stay for night. This place was kind of horrible in term of living standards because there was no proper sitting or place for sleeping. The people in the house agree that they all had sex in night everywhere including the stairs.

6. We have Mr. Gay Pakistan

Yes, this is true. While searching content for this article, I have come to know that a Pakistani gay in 2013 participated in Mr. gay world content but did not made in the contest because his visa entry was rejected but the official website of Mr. Gay World still listed him along with his photo as a contestant for 2013. While according to Wikipedia, the contestant withdraws his entry from the contest.

7. Pakistan is leading in gay porn search

Well, this would not be a new news for many of us but in year 2013, Pakistan was leading in gay porn search worldwide. But this stats does not shows the actually population of gay in Pakistan because as compare to total population of Pakistan, the number of people who are using internet is very low. Judging whole county on the bases of few would not be a good idea. (source) Meanwhile you should keep in mind that all type of porn is banned in Pakistan. So, this stats could be misleading or based on some other facts.

8. Pakistan’s first LGBT pride celebration

Yet, many people in Pakistan don’t know what is gay or homosexuality and usually mixed them with the term transgender, Pakistan already has its first LGBT pride celebration and it was arranged by American Embassy in Islamabad. Later there were relies were conducted against this act of American embassy in Pakistan.

9. Law in Pakistan against gay does not work

According to Pakistani law the penalty for same sex sexual activities in Pakistan is fined and up to life imprisonment but no one in Pakistan has ever been arrested, fined or jailed for being gay which is a good sign for gay community in Pakistan. On other hand, transgender can legally change their gender, they are also accepted as third gender in Pakistan legally and officially. (source)

10. Gay scene is On in Pakistan since many years

While it is crime to be a gay in Pakistan but still the gay scene in Pakistan is full On, You can found and meet with other members of Pakistani gay community through social networking websites like Facebook.

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